Hair Services

Cut & Finish

Whether you have a new style in mind, want a simple trim or need some haircut ideas, HNB Salon & Spa is the perfect choice for you. Our stylists here at the salon in Poole, we have specialists in both short and long hair as well as hair transformations. You can feel safe in the hands of our team as we believe we have some of the best hairdressers in Poole, dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect cut and experience with us here at HNB Salon & Spa in Poole. If you’re opting for a transformation in hairstyle you can talk to our wonderful team about what style may suit you and your hairdresser can talk you through styles that will compliment your features such as face framing.
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Thinking of changing up your hair colour and need some hair colour ideas? Or perhaps you need to keep that beautiful colour maintained with root maintenance or highlights, our dedicated colour specialists can support you in achieving your colour goals! HNB Salon & Spa in Canford Cliffs are proud to be partnered with X to give you a beautiful, vibrant colour that offers beautiful longevity, with the perfect after care products available. We believe in giving you a colour that suits your skin tones and exceeds your expectations. Our hair colour prices can be found on the service price list.
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HNB Salon & Spa has multiple realistic hair extensions specialists within the team who provide good quality hair extensions integrated with your hair in a natural and discreet way. Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to hair leaving you with a fuller look you’ll simply love. We’re not just a long hair extensions salon spa, we also offer hair extensions for shorter hair that can give you a short, full and bold look! Not only can they add length and volume, but they can be colour matched to your existing hair or a secondary colour can be introduced for a bleach free transformation. Having good quality hair extensions with a skilled and experienced stylist is crucial to ensure your hair remains undamaged and the extensions beautifully fit with your natural hair. Hair extensions are one of the best ways to give you enviable hair to be proud of that can look like ‘salon hair’ everyday! At HNB Salon & Spa we only use the very best hair extensions, fitted by the best to ensure you leave the salon & spa feeling the most confident you’ve ever been.
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Hair Care

Welcome to HNB Salon & Spa, where we believe that a great hairstyle is not just about what you do in the salon, but also about what you do at home. That’s why our team of expert stylists are dedicated to not only creating gorgeous hair, but also sharing tips and tricks with our clients for maintaining and styling their hair in between appointments, to keep optimum health.

Whether you’re looking to achieve the perfect blowout, master the art of beachy waves, or simply keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, our stylists are here to guide you every step of the way. With years of experience and a passion for their craft, our team will work with you to develop a personalised hair care routine that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.

At HNB Salon & Spa, we believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair. That’s why we’re committed to using only the highest-quality products and techniques to help you achieve the luscious, vibrant locks you deserve. So why not schedule an appointment with one of our talented stylists today and let us help you unlock the full potential of your hair?
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Men’s Styling & Colour

HNB Salon & Spa isn’t just for the ladies, we cater to the gents too. Some say the true test of a man’s style is his haircut. We say, visit us here at HNB Salon & Spa and we’ll keep you stylish. Our experienced team will not only be able to deliver on a sharp cut, but also advise styles and changes to suit and accentuate your features.
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