Root Touch-Ups and Colour Corrections

In the dynamic world of hair colouring, consistency and maintenance are the secret sauces to prolonging that radiant, fresh-from-the-salon look. Root touch-ups and colour corrections stand at the forefront of these maintenance strategies. Whether it’s the inevitable hair growth revealing natural hues or a colour mishap demanding immediate attention, understanding these services is pivotal for anyone who loves to colour their hair.

The Essential Root Touch-Up
Frequency: Typically, a root touch-up is required every 4-6 weeks. However, this can vary depending on your hair growth rate, the contrast between your natural and coloured hair, and the type of hair dye used.

Most root touch-ups at professional salons, including HNB Salon & Spa, can be done within an hour. The exact time
might vary based on the complexity and technique required.

Extending the Colour’s Lifetime:
1. Use colour-safe shampoos and conditioners, designed to prevent premature fading.
2. Shield your hair from direct sunlight. UV rays can cause the colour to fade faster.
3. Minimise the use of heat styling tools, or use them in conjunction with heat protection products.

Demystifying Colour Corrections
Colour corrections come into the picture when a hair colouring session doesn’t go as planned, leading to undesirable results. Whether it’s uneven tones, colours that are too dark or light, or brassy hues, Poole stylists at HNB Salon & Spa are equipped with the expertise to set things right.
Why is Colour Correction Needed?
1. Incorrect Application: DIY hair colouring or inexperienced services can lead to uneven shades.
2. Undesired Results: Sometimes, the final colour might not match the expected outcome.
3. Fading or Oxidation: Over time, some colours, especially reds and blondes, can fade or turn brassy.

The Correction Process: Skilled stylists, like those at HNB Salon & Spa, initiate colour correction by assessing the current state of your hair. They then neutralise undesired tones, apply new hues if needed, and finish with treatments that enhance hair health and shine.

HNB Salon & Spa: Beyond Hair, A Realm of Beauty and Wellness
HNB Salon & Spa, nestled in the serene vicinity of Poole, isn’t just a hair salon—it’s a holistic beauty and wellness haven. Our guests don’t simply view us as their trusted ‘hair salon Poole’; they resonate with our ethos of offering comprehensive beauty solutions. From precision-driven root touch-ups to intricate colour corrections handled by the finest stylist Poole can offer, we excel in hair care. But the journey doesn’t end there. Our expansive service range encompasses rejuvenating medical facials, state-of-the-art facial aesthetics, and even advanced dentistry. With a balanced blend of aesthetic artistry and medical precision, every treatment at HNB Salon & Spa is a step towards the perfect version of you.