Hair Colouring Expertise

Hair colouring isn’t just about a fresh new look; it’s an art of expression, an avenue to reinvent oneself, and a journey that requires expertise. Across the UK, the demand for skilled hair colouring professionals is growing exponentially, with individuals seeking that perfect shade which complements their personality and lifestyle.

Why Expertise Matters in Hair Colouring
The art of hair colouring is intricate. From understanding the hair’s texture and health to determining the right colour shades, every aspect requires a keen eye and knowledge.Delivering the right shade for a guest’s skin tone and colour, all while ensuring minimal hair damage are feats achieved when the hands that hold the brush are experienced.
HNB Salon & Spa: Leading the Way with Aveda Situated in the scenic Canford Cliffs, HNB Salon & Spa is the perfect destination for colouring expertise. Our displpartnership with the globally acclaimed brand Aveda amplifies our commitment to excellence. Known for its eco-friendly products, Aveda's hair colours are up to 96% naturally derived, ensuring minimal chemical exposure to your precious locks. At HNB Salon & Spa, every hair colouring session with Aveda products promises vibrancy, depth, and a touch of nature.
Caring for Your Coloured Hair: Tips for Prolonged Vibrancy Choose Specialist Products: Invest in shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for coloured hair. They're formulated to lock in colour and prevent premature fading.

Limit Sun Exposure: UV rays can cause hair colour to fade. When spending extended time outdoors, consider wearing a hat or use hair products with UV protection.
Minimise Heat Styling: Excessive heat can strip away colour and shine. When you do style, always use a heat protection spray and protect those ends.

Regular Salon Visits: Schedule regular appointments at your trusted salon for touch-ups and treatments that maintain the hair’s health and colour vibrancy. We can support you with deep conditioning treatments to maintain the health of your hair and also recommend a hair care routine for you to continue at home.
Cold Water Rinse: While it might not be the most comfortable option, rinsing your hair with cold water after shampooing can help seal the hair cuticles and prolong the colour. Avoid washing your hair in scorching hot water, while you may love it, your hair won’t thank you for it.
Rediscover Your Hair at HNB Salon & Spa Your hair is a canvas waiting to be painted with the perfect tones. At HNB Salon & Spa in Canford Cliffs, we celebrate the myriad possibilities that come with hair colouring. Our expertise, combined with the power of Aveda, ensures that every guest walks out with a renewed sense of confidence and style. If you’d like a new colour or style, we’d love to help you at HNB Salon & Spa, book a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists to discuss the best options for you.