Hopi Candles? What are they used for and are they safe?

Hopi candles are a type of ear candling treatment that originated from the Hopi tribe of Native American Indians. The treatment involves inserting a hollow, cone-shaped candle into the ear canal and lighting the other end. The heat and gentle suction created by the candle help to soften and remove excess wax and impurities from the ear, resulting in a deeper sense of relaxation and improved ear health.

The benefits of Hopi candle therapy are numerous and include:

Improved hearing: Removing excess earwax can improve hearing by reducing blockages in the ear canal.

Reduced ear infections: By removing impurities from the ear, Hopi candles help to prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of ear infections.

Relaxation: The warm and gentle suction created by the candle helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Pain relief: The heat generated by the candle can help to soothe and relieve pain associated with conditions such as earache, tinnitus and headaches.

Improved sleep: The relaxing effects of Hopi candles can help to improve sleep patterns and reduce the symptoms of sleep disorders.

In summary, Hopi candle therapy is a gentle and effective treatment for improving ear health and promoting relaxation. Whether you’re looking to improve your hearing, reduce ear infections, or simply unwind after a long day, Hopi candles are a natural and safe choice. We are proud to offer such a fantastic treatment here at HNB by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. If you’d like to find out more at Hopi candle treatment get in touch with the HNB team here at Canford Cliffs on 01202 707113.

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