The HNB Salon & Spa Membership: FAQs

At HNB Salon & Spa in Poole, we have recently undergone new ownership and amazing changes to the Salon, including increased beauty services, a refurbishment for a more luxury experience and an improved membership model. 

There has been lots of interest in our membership, so we’d love to answer your questions about the new membership with this blog!

Do I have to have a separate hair and beauty membership?
In the past, HNB had separate hair and beauty memberships, however, HNB Salon & Spa under new ownership, has merged the hair and beauty membership together, even adding additional health appointments through Dental Concepts.

What are the benefits of the HNB Salon & Spa Membership?
1. A saving of 33% on included membership treatments using our voucher system.
2. 25% off excluded treatments offered at HNB Salon & Spa 
3. Exclusive invites to membership events 

How often can I come to the salon using my HNB Salon & Spa Membership?
You will be allocated 60 vouchers when you sign up for your HNB Salon & Spa membership, how you choose to use your vouchers is up to you. The total number of appointments you have each year, will depend on how you use your vouchers. For example a manicure will use just 1 voucher, but for a cut and blowdry you will use 2 vouchers. Our simple voucher system allows you more freedom to choose the type of appointment you’d like regardless of the cost. 
Can I double up my membership?
Absolutely! If you’d like to double your voucher allocation, you can upgrade to our platinum membership and have 120 vouchers credited to your account to use throughout the year.

Can I use 10 appointments in one month and none the next?
Sure! Your vouchers are to use on the treatments of your choice, whenever you would like. You can spread your appointments evenly or as and when you need them.

How much additional value do I get per year?
With your £150 per month investment, you will gain an additional £1200 in appointment value from HNB Salon & Spa each year. 

What treatments are included?
As you’ll know by now, we want to allow you the maximum amount of freedom in choosing your appointments, you can select any of the treatments below to use your vouchers on. 




Root Colour





Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow Shape





Dental Hygienist Appointment

Dental Check Up Appointment

How long is the HNB Salon & Spa Membership for? 

When you join the HNB Salon & Spa membership, the contract is live for 1 year, your membership will automatically renew, unless you give us notice of cancellation. 

How much is the HNB Salon & Spa Membership?
The HNB Salon & Spa membership is £150 per month.

Do you want to indulge more and spend more time with us at HNB Salon & Spa? We’d love to welcome you to our membership. If you’d like to find out more about the membership, a member of the team would be happy to assist, or find out more here.

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