HNB | Laser Hair Removal
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HNB Laser Hair Removal


How laser hair removal works

When treating hair, the energy emitted by the high power diode laser is used to prevent the regrowth of the hair. To do this, the light has to penetrate several millimeters into the skin to reach the root of the hair. When it meets the melanin in the hair (brown color), the light is absorbed, i.e. it is converted into heat. The darker, thicker and denser the hair, the more heat is produced. This heat damages the cells responsible for hair regrowth within the hair and in the immediate area around the hair. This ensures a drastic reduction in hair in the treated area.
At the same time, it must be ensured that, despite the heat produced, no blisters or scars develop. That’s why all of Asclepion’s hair removal technologies include a powerful skin-cooling element, which always cools the most superficial layer of the skin immediately before the light pulse. It also makes the treatment more comfortable for the patient.

Cutting edge light-based treatments for permanent hair reduction

The High Power Diode Lasers of the MeDioStar NeXT Family, represent state of the art technology for permanent hair reduction treatments. The wavelengths of the MeDioStar NeXT devices were chosen in such a way that the absorption of the light is very high in melanin, but low in water (important substance in the skin), therefore providing for a very selective and safe treatment, with very low risk of side effects. At the same time, this makes it possible to treat even dark skin types (up to skin type VI) with very low risk of hypopigmentation.
In addition, a special treatment mode (SmoothPulse) can be used for larger areas, which makes the laser pulse sensation almost unnoticeable, even for sensitive patients. Due to the optimum design of the MeDioStar NeXT lasers, side effects of more than slight redness and swelling around dark hair are very rare.


1 Service (£) 6 @ Less 20%  (£)
Chin 40 192
Upper Lip 40 192
Cheek 40 192
Fingers 40 192
Upper Lip 40 192
Chin 40 192
Cheek Bones 40 192
Hands 40 192
Nipple 40 192
Stomach Centre Line 40 192
Jawline 59 283
Sideburns 59 283
Underarms 59 283
Eyebrows 59 283
Bikini (Groin only) 70 336
Abdomen 75 360
Arms Upper 75 360
Arms Lower 75 360
Bikini (High Leg) 75 360
Shoulders 75 360
Beard 95 456
Bikini (Brazilian) 95 456
Chest 95 456
Buttocks 95 456
Half Back 95 456
Bikini (Hollywood) 110 528
Full Face 110 528
Lower Leg 110 528
Full Arm 115 552
Upper Leg 115 552
Full Back inc Shoulders 150 720
Full Leg 175 840
2 Services: Add together and deduct 10%
3 Services: Add together and deduct 20%
4 Services: Add together and deduct 30%

To schedule your complimentary consultation please call 01202 707113. Patch Tests are required at least 24 hours before treatment.